Monday, 21 March 2011

Marathon bake off

I literally spent from 7 to 7 in the kitchen on Saturday baking cakes for my brothers 30th birthday party. I'm not convinced with the time and money I spent that I could actually make a living from this yet, but what the hell I had a great time regardless. Plus, I did feel a certain responsibility to uphold, having enrolled on the school of artisan baking course only 6 months ago - and so the marathon bake off began! I got through 16 bars of chocolate, 8 blocks of butter, 4 dozen eggs, 2 kilos of flour, 1kilo of icing sugar, 4 tubs of cream cheese, tons of sugar, etcetera, etcetera 

The car journey to mums was interesting, I am the worst passenger at the best of times but with the piece de resistance balanced on my knees, I must have been insufferable - thank you darling:-)

Pleased to report all the cakes got eaten, with the last of the chocolate brownies devoured some time around 4am. Just as my visa card and I rest from the weekend antics, I get a text from my brother with a party goer's order for more!...:-0  
lots of cupcakes - large and small with
cream cheese & double chocolate frosting

piece de resistance

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