Thursday, 4 November 2010

Partridge - simply pluck & gut !

Never thought I would see the day, spending an evening with friends plucking & gutting partridges. Very different from the polythene wrapped and prepared breasts I had always bought from the supermarket. But somehow this process was far more satisfying, knowing the birds were totally fresh. It makes a real difference to the taste.

Partridges are surprisingly easy to prepare and make a great alternative to chicken. You softly pluck the feathers working up from the bottom to top on both sides, then remove the wings and legs by feeling for the joint and cutting off with a sharp knife. You then slit the neck skin to remove any grass or grain that your healthy bird has been eating, remove the head and lastly nip the skin on the bottom and scoop out the yukky bits....a good tip at this point is not to breathe through your nose!  Roast your partridge with butter, garlic, rosemary and pears...and enjoy. Thanks to Alex for her tasty birds.

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