Friday, 24 June 2011

What is your favourite muffin?

This week we went in search of the perfect muffin. A crumbly crunchy top with a soft cakey centre that's not too moist and not too dry and not too sickly. We started with a basic muffin recipe (see below) and added lots of different ingredients to get the perfect flavour combinations.

We created classic combinations like Blueberry, Chocolate chip, Banana, Honey & Ginger, Apple & Sultana, Cherry & Almond, Lemon & Poppy Seed, Breakfast Bran and then thought of some wilder alternatives such as Strawberry, Balsamic & Black Pepper - i need to try this one!

Classic Blueberry
Chocolate chip
Breakfast Bran - delicious & nutritious
Right two: Cherry & Almond / Banana
The savoury options were a great success...

Cheese & Sunblushed Tomato
Black Olives, Pesto & Pine nuts
Courgette, pine nuts & sundried tomato with
goats cheese center 
Basic Muffin Recipe (make about 24)

Plain Flour  810g
Eggs 5
Dem Sugar 450g
Sunflower Oil 250g
Milk 450g
Baking Powder 20g
Salt 15g
Additional choice of fruit 400g


1) Sift flour, baking powder, spices (if using any) & set aside
2) Mix oil and milk together
3) In mixing bowl whip the eggs, salt and sugar until light and creamy. I used a hand whisk for around 8-10minutes
4)Then when egg mixture is light and creamy slowly pour in the milk and egg whilst continuing to whisk.
5) Then fold the flour into the egg mixture - don't over fold as okay to have lumpy bits in muffins
6) Finally fold in your chosen sweet or savoury flavour.
7) Fill your muffin cases a few mm from the top.
8) Bake at 180 for approx 25 minutes - some wetter fillings take a little longer so keep your eye on them and use a knife to check middle and it comes out clean.

Enjoy. I like ice cold milk with the sweet ones and a glass of prosecco with the savoury :-)