Monday, 22 November 2010

Serious sausage making

This has got to have been the best lesson yet...was hilarious!

We cut all the meet straight from the shoulder joint of the saddleback and minced this with sage, thyme, garam masala, salt and rusk. I made two massive string of sausages (about 48 in total) , took them home at the weekend and somehow between us all we have eaten our way through them. 

After last weeks butchery course, this weekend has been something of a meat feast. We've had pork burgers, meatballs, savoury ducks (aka faggots), sticky sausages, traditional sausages and meatballs. Oh and I made a pea & ham soup with the hock.....especially for big Noel.......Yumbo !

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  1. Hi Vanessa

    The Pea and Ham soup was superb and big Noel , Little Noel and myself enjoyed it immensely - we were looking forward to the sausages but they didnt make it down to Milford on Sea!!!!!