Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Baking - Stollen & Tsoureki

Have been trekking in knee-high snow to school (Im in the hi-vis!) through the Creswell Craggs enjoying the winter scenes and thinking about the Christmas holidays. With not much to do but bake, I have been busy making Christmas cakes laced with brandy, gin soaked damson jams and generally practising my baking/drinking skills!

Today, on the Artisan Christmas Baking course we made German Stollen and Greek Tsoureki. Orange, lemon zest, mixed peel, cardamom, toasted almonds, rum & vanilla, all combining to fill the bakehouse with an amazing festive aroma. Above are the butter glazed stollen fresh from the oven with a centre of rolled marzipan and rum soaked fruit.
The Tsoureki was soft, sweet and slightly cake like, much like a Brioche. We plaited the Tsoureki dough and sprinkled with sesame seeds before they went into the tins to bake, giving the finished loaves real definition and a beautiful bronzed crust. Having just had a slice with some salty cheese I must say it was simply delicious :-)

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  1. I definitely think I would like a slice of the Tsoureki.