Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tesco wipes out the best butcher in town !

A very sad day yesterday. The dominating power of Tesco, who took 19 years to get into Gerrards Cross have claimed their first victim. Richardsons butcher. Knowledgeable, friendly staff with great banter and delicious meats closed as of last week. I stood with other locals in disbelief that this renowned butcher loved by the locals for so many years has had to close up shop.

this is from my iphone - i apologise you will have to tilt your head to read it!
If you are reading this, I ask that you just take a moment to think about how you shop and the impact of your spend on the environment, local trade, heritage, knowledge, service and people. Do we really want this country run by the sterile environment they offer an enjoyable experience for us?
One of the reasons I decided to join The School of Artisan Food was because I detested having to shop at supermarkets, enticed to fill a trolley full of disappointing food wrapped in plastic packaging. Have you ever held one of the vegetables to your nose and actually tried to smell the tomatoes or peppers? - don't bother.
My vision is to provide local  farm shops that offer real seasonal food, traceability, sustainability and above all an enjoyable shopping experience where your sensory skills come alive. After all, food is about taste & smell not bright halogen lights and dodgy trolleys.

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