Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Strawberry Tarts Forever

The French need no introduction in this department. In my opinion, they have it oh so right in every way. What can be better than picking up a little something sweet to lift you out of the daily grind. Something that tastes amazing and is not extortionately priced because it IS amazing and leaves you feeling a little naughty but not sickly, because if persuaded you could probably have another. 

Why can we not readily pick this up from a Boulangerie/Patisserie on every high street? (Mary Portas take note). After all it was just a biscuity base of short crust pastry, some cool strawberry chantilly cream, topped with sweet fresh strawberries neatly boxed and politely delivered with a 'Merci' from the smartly dressed lady serving. Altogether a heavenly combination of perfectness that made me very happy as I skipped out the door and indulged without a calorific care in the world.
Back home now! It saddens me that there are 1500 Greggs outlets in the UK (I can't believe I am mentioning this name on the same page as a French patisserie!) and a further 80 store openings due this year. Wouldn't our high streets look a lot prettier with some independent bakeries? Surely the beautiful handmade pastries and breads on offer beat a greasy sausage roll meal deal served by a spotty teenage kid! Non?


  1. Couldn't agree more with this. There should be boulangeries etc on ever street corner here.

    Keep up the good work.


    Happy Baking

    Barry - @use_your_loaf

  2. Presentation is a critical factor and as you'll have seen in France and is very much the case in the Pasticceri and Paneficeri throughout Italy the presentation of the bakers' wares is carefully thought through and deemed of vital importance.

    In some ways I think that this reflects the importance the different cultures attach to food however I do think that if UK artisan producers took a leaf out of their French and Italian cousins' book they may be pleasently surprised at the impact it would have on their sales!

  3. Thanks for your comments. A British Boulangerie coming soon....