Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Grand Gateaux St Honore

The glorious, sensational taste of sweet whipped custard cream, dark bitter chocolate, salty short puff pastry, topped with puffed cream filled choux, dipped in hot caramel and wrapped in spun sugar is one I couldn't possibly describe. 

Today we pulled out all the stops. A fine line between grandiose and ostentatious, we created a display that would have been perfectly placed in a top class French patisserie and strangely at the same time a 1970s sweet trolley revival.

Extremely proud of our creations, (that spawned taller and sweeter as the afternoon went on), we were left stumped as to how on earth we were going to get these marvels home on our bikes !

Russell's magnificent twirls
Laura's sensational fascinator
(a la Princess Beatrice)
David marvels at the wonders of
spun sugar
Lisa, always the hostess with
the mostess x
Simona skillfully spins a three tone
Vicky's touch of class
My 4pm snack break
Our elegant swan made with 
blue cheese roux and quite delicious
All in all, a thoroughly calorific day had by all. 

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