Monday, 4 April 2011

Pink Bubblegum bread

Bulk ferment for approx 1 hour
Prove for approx 2-3 hours
Of course its not, but it sounds more attractive than Beetroot bread - it could be the next big craze !
Except, remarkably the dough doesn't stay this colour. The baking process must absorb the moisture of the beetroot juice, as the colour returns to the inside of a regular white sourdough loaf. The only pink left after baking is from the beetroot pieces. 
I was dubious as to how this would taste, but actually I really liked it. It was fab with some tomato pesto and I imagine it would be even better with some crumbly goats cheese & a glass of Chablis.

Beetroot sourdough
Strong white flour 2500g
Salt 50g
Coarsley grated fresh beetroot (used magimix to shred) 1200g
Water +/- 1500g
White sourdough ('going like a boeing' as Emmanuel says) 1750g
Olive Oil 75g

1) We bulk fermented the dough for approx 1 hour with 3 x 20 min turns and a sprinkle of flour as the dough was quite wet from the beetroot.
2) We shaped and moulded into tins (as was still quite a wet dough) 
3) We left to prove for just over 2.3 hours (sourdough can be left longer to prove than commercially yeasted)
4) Baked for 35 minutes in the tins (at approx 28 mins I took them out of their tins and put them back in to finish off)
5) We baked them in the Miele domestic ovens (always brilliant!)

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