Wednesday, 27 April 2011

In love with wild garlic

Have just returned from a fabulous Easter break. We spontaneously drove down to stay with family & friends on their farm in Totnes, Devon. Both Noel & I have been without internet, iphone, ipod and ipad connection and it was just perfect! We went for a beautiful, long walk through fields as far as the eye could see with borders of bluebells, buttercups, cowslip and fern. 
As we walked down to the river with the sun on our backs we found small clusters of wild garlic with their pretty little star-shaped white flowers. Deeper into the woodland and closer to the river it was a beautiful sight as a blanket of them covered the trail. Their long green, shiny leaves giving off a pungent smell of my most favourite ingredient. I was in my element. I clambered up and down the riverbank picking handfuls of the leaves and flowers and filling my handmade fern bag. We got back to the farm and had the most amazing pasta dish with wild garlic, cream & white wine sauce - simple but delicious and all the better for having foraged them ourselves, for free. The little flowers made a pretty, edible garnish to our salad too. I think I've found the good life !

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