Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Baking by night (10.30pm - 8.30am)

Freshly baked for 9am opening
At The Chapel bakery
Like artisanal elves, Tom (baker extraordinaire) and myself (the apprentice) baked all night to produce a delicious array of baked goods for The Chapel's bakery. Weighing, mixing, scaling, moulding, shaping, laminating, cake making, pastry rolling, loading, unloading, refreshing...and so it went on into the early hours. What an amazing experience! There is not a moment to spare - to be honest that suits me as the last thing you want at that time of the morning is to be clock watching!
Round the clock kitchens
An orchestrated bake by night
& chef by day
Pain au chocolat
Spelt croissants
Ciabatta waiting to load
loading the floor-to-ceiling
wood fired oven

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