Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dove Cote of Bruton in Somerset

Heralded by Brutonians as the village ‘must-see’. I ventured to the top of the hill to see the National Trust's heritage landmark, Dove Cote. Sitting extremely proud on the hilltop overlooking the tiny (believed to be Britain’s smallest) and very pretty village of Bruton.
Certainly iconic, but somehow mysterious and to be honest a little awkward. Derelict but occupied with homes of 200 pigeon holes accommodating several doves, wood pigeons, black crows and other feathered species. 

Dating back to the 16th century and originally planned to be built alongside the Abbey by Bruton Priory, but for some unknown reason, this changed due to Henry V111 ditching the plans. So the lonely building of Dove Cote became an obvious watch tower instead. And no doubt would have made a perfect vantage point to watch over the hunters in the deer parks below.

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